Refinishing & Repair

Sometimes, the furniture gets tainted or old-fashioned, what you can do at this time to repair it properly. It is only through carefully furniture refinishing and restoration can you give your furniture a stunning appeal. Here you can find the leading Canadian companies offering furniture refinishing, repair and restoration services.

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Eurocraft Restoration

Whether you need expert refinishing services for your modern or antique furniture pieces, Eurocraft Restoration is your perfect choice. Located in Toronto, Ontario, they offer professional furniture restoration, refinishing and re...
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deBoersap Furniture Refinishing

Are you looking for the professional refinishing solutions for your old or dull looking furniture? Look no further than deBoersap Furniture Refinishing as they have years of experience in this business. Whether you want to refinis...
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Lanciano Furniture Refinishing

Whether you want to refinish your dining or bedroom furniture, or kitchen cabinets or doors, simply contact Lanciano Furniture Refinishing as they can help you a lot in this respect. Based in Toronto, they have in-house skilled cr...
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Heritage No-Dip

Get high quality and versatile furniture refinishing solutions from Heritage No-Dip as it is a company well-known for doing it right. They are expert professionals, committed to provide quality craftsmanship and quality work. With...
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Sandra Dee Refinishing

Bring a new life to your old furniture with the professional refinishing and restoration services, offered by Sandra Dee Furniture Refinishing, based in Pickering, Ontario. Their finishing touch can help put life back into your ol...
(613) 747-7291

AJ Furniture Refinishing

AJ Furniture Refinishing is your one-stop-shop for all your furniture refinishing needs in Ottawa. They are saving you time and money by offering you professional refinishing services. They treat your pieces with a great care and...
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Franco Furniture Refinishing

One of the leading showrooms in Woodbridge, Ontario that provide you professional restoration and refinishing services is one and only Franco Furniture Refinishing. They are able to handle all of your furniture refinishing and res...

Furniture Medic

Furniture Medic is one of the leading furniture restoration companies in Canada. They offer repair and restoration of all kinds of furniture. The services they mainly conduct include French polishing, wood finish deluxing, furnitu...

Henderson Furniture Repair

Henderson Furniture Repair is on of the furniture restoration firms in Canada that offer amazing repair services to keep your furniture looking its best. They apply traditional and modern methods to repair, upholster, refinish and...

Perfect Touch Furniture

Perfect Touch is a leading online furniture restoration company in Canada with excellent services. They offer furniture restoration, refinishing, finishing, painting and leather repair to keep your furniture looking its best and b...

Athlone Restorations

Athlone Restorations Ltd is one of the companies that carry out furniture restoration services in Canada. They specialize in antique furniture and have an expert in making of antique furniture who ensures that the beauty in the fu...

Fergus Furniture Guy

The Fergus Furniture Guy is one of the furniture restoration service providers based in Canada. He loves his job and is a dedicated craftsman who performs excellent furniture refinishing and restoration. You need not replace your ...

Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty is one of the leading furniture restoration service providers in Canada. They offer spectacular services such as refinishing, finishing, refreshing, restoration and painting of the furniture to give it upgraded looks....

Gentle Hands

Gentle Hands Furniture Restoration is one of the firms that offer furniture restoration solutions in Canada. They offer refinishing, furniture painting and antique restoration to keep your furniture looking beautiful and attractiv...