Antique Furniture

Although times have changed but many people do not want to follow the modern trends. They like to have antique furniture which suits their traditional tastes. There are many popular antique stores and markets in Canada, where you can discover beautiful collections including sofas, chests, armoires, tables, cabinets, writing desks, buffet, dressers, home decor, lamps among others. So if you want to give antique style a try, just visit the listed stores!

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Green's Antiques

Are you looking for magnificent antique furniture pieces for your home? Look no further than Green’s Antiques & Estate Sales as they not only provide you a great selection of antique and modern furniture but also offer ...
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Amour Fou

Beautify your home or office with elegant and unique antique and vintage furniture pieces, offered by one of the Hamilton’s renowned furniture retailers, Amour Fou Vintage & Antique Furniture. They repair, restore and refin...
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Patina Antiques

Patina Antiques is a great source of interesting, unique and unusual vintage and antique furniture pieces in Toronto. They offer you carefully selected one-off-a-kind furniture pieces that are matchless, aesthetically appealing an...
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Quality Antique Furniture

Give a classy look to your home with gorgeous looking antique and vintage furniture offered by Courtenay’s leading furniture showrooms, Quality Antique Furniture. They offer you a variety of furniture pieces to choose from, perf...

Antiques Unlocked

Antiques Unlocked is the place to go shopping for antique furniture in Canada. They have diverse collections of the furniture which includes bird cages, cupboards, magazine holders, book cases, tables, cabinets and chairs among ot...

Marie Antoinette Furniture

Marie Antoinette is one of the places worth visiting to explore the various collections of antique furniture that they offer in Canada. They mostly deal in French antique furniture and have some of the finest furniture you could e...

Canadiana Antique Furniture

The Canadiana Antique Furniture is one of the furniture stores worth visiting in Canada. They bring you outstanding antique furniture collections from Ontario, Canada, Quebec and America. The furniture is repaired and restored and...

Antique Warehouse

The Antique Warehouse is the place to shop for quality antique furniture in Canada. The furniture is from the 18th century French furniture to mid century modern furniture. They include blanket boxes, sideboards, bookcases, sofas,...

Old Fashioned Restoration

Old Fashioned Restoration is one of the stores that offer you high quality antique furniture in Canada. They buy and sell antique furniture and also do repairs, restorations, cleaning, polishing and so many other services to keep ...

Attica Antiques

Attica Antiques & Restoration is one of the antique furniture shops in Canada worth visiting to explore their unique and diverse collections. The furniture is handmade and features some of the best designs you could ever come...

Second Time Around Antiques

Second Time Around Antiques is one of the antique furniture stores in Canada worth visiting. They offer some of the most outstanding antique furniture from North America, England and Europe. The furniture is available in a range o...