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Home decor shopping is fun and exciting when you know where to get the furniture of your dreams. In Canada, you’re assured of getting the best collections when you shop at a well known outlet. As you go round different shops, you’re likely to identify a few stores which easily become favourites. And every time you need furniture, it’s probable that you’ll look at these stores before heading elsewhere. In many cases, the shops that earn the favourite tag are also likely to be the most popular. What makes these furniture stores stand out is one or all of these things: pricing, product range and quality, and customer service. There may be more factors contributing to these outlets’ success, but these three are the mainstay of any store that hopes to enjoy a good run of success over the long term.If there’s a category that enjoys immense demand at all times in Canada, it is the contemporary. And there’s a long list of stores that have made a name for themselves when it comes to exquisite modern collections. West Elm, EQ3, Structube, IKEA, Modern Sense, The Modern Shop, Canadian Design, Calligaris, Gabriel Ross, BoConcept, Kudos Home & Design, Urban Barn, DK Modern, A Modern Space, Lofty Ambitions, Spencer Interiors, Ashley Home Store, Alteriors, Zuo Modern, Eternity Modern, JYSK, Fullhouse Modern and La Vie are some of the best places to find modern furniture for the whole house. They carry an extensive selection of Canada-made furniture as well as collections from the leading brands from around the world. There are other famous destinations like Home Depot, Wayfair, Costco, Sears, Walmart, Lowes, BestBuy, Canadian Tire, Palliser, Ethan Allen and so on.

If you appreciate the solid character of traditional designs, pop into any of these stores to take you pick: Stoney Creek, Surplus Freight of Canada, Leon’s, Barrymore, Bouclair, Buona, and WFB. Many of these stores also carry other styles, so, if you would like to compare several styles side by side before picking one, you’ll have plenty to feast your eyes on.

More styles available in the above stores are transitional, antique, French style, urban, contemporary, retro, and vintage. Bespoke and handcrafted are also popular.

Quality – It’s only fair that if you’re walking into a store to buy furniture, the said piece is of unquestionable quality. Canada’s most popular stores understand this. And that’s why each piece or set you find displayed in-store is of superior build, is carved from quality materials, and is assembled using the finest workmanship (or technology for machine-produced items). The local stores understand that, for the most part, their reputation rides on the quality of products they carry. They do not compromise on this, even if it means narrowing down their sources to a handful of producers who can deliver the kind of quality that allows them to stay on top of their game.

Good prices – This does not imply cheap prices only. While it’s important to keep the prices affordable, local home decor stores appreciate that, sometimes, the best pieces comes with a higher asking price. They won’t shy away from acquiring more expensive furniture if it meets the lifestyle aspirations of their target clients. Some pieces will be low cost. Some will fall within median prices and others will be quite high-end. This way, everyone gets choice furniture without exceeding their budget.

Wide product range – Another important marker of any popular furniture store in Canada is the diverse product range found within its walls. These stores don’t just stop at identifying good pieces. They go a step further and choose one or several of every kind of furniture that impresses their acquisition teams. In these stores you’ll get all types of furniture. Every style is represented, although some outlets opt to specialize in particular styles, say contemporary or antique. The complete range of materials can be identified in different products, a variety that’s equally impressive.

Exemplary customer service – Excellent customer service is what sets apart the top stores from everyone else. Canada’s popular furniture outlets know this and invest in making the shopping experience a delight for every customer. It’s in the way they interact with buyers, how quickly they respond to clients’ queries, how willing they are to offer customized solutions to their customers, and how reachable they stay among many other factors. Some of these may seem minor, but they make a difference in the customer’s perception of the store. For instance, stores that are quick to respond to inquiries or concerns raised on social media, and do so in a considerate, client-focused way, are more likely to get a favourable reception from the larger percentage of customers. In fact, this alone could earn them multiple new customers, which is what good business practice is all about.

Attentive after sales service – This may not always mean making endless replacements. But it has a lot to do with ensuring that the customer does not feel short-changed in any way, at any given time. With each of these sores, you feel the effort that goes into making sure your purchase meets your expectations each time you interact with them. Whether it’s exchanging furniture, replacing a unit, or effecting last-minute changes you make on an order, these stores know how to keep customers coming back for more.

You’ll save time, energy and sometimes money when you shop at a popular furniture store in Canada as opposed to any other random store. It becomes even more important if you’re searching for a piece that’s distinct in both looks and design. Canada’s popular stores offer a wide range of home decor products to choose from, making it rather easy to find items that you can identify with; ones that match your personality and individual style. And you can buy pieces for every room in the house and the office.